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Sustainable Design Challenge

The CAD Sustainable Design Challenge is an online, skill-based challenge.

Sustainability is about using engineering and science to reduce human environmental impact. This can mean producing renewable energy, using less energy, replacing high-environmental-impact materials with low-impact alternatives, recycling, reusing, and designing upgradeable products that can meet future needs without having to be replaced.



VEX Autodesk Sustainable Design Challenge


VEX Team 918d's VEX Autodesk Sustainable Design Challenge entry.
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Autodesk Sustainable Design Challenge


Sustainability is about using engineering and science to reduce human environmental impact. And one of the best ways to reduce human environmental impact is to reuse and recycle. Using engineering and science I created a water bottle which can be reused and recycled. By reusing and recycling it, it can reduce human environmental impact. Here are a overview, top, front, side, and bottom view.
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Robotic Direct Driller

Niamh C

Having looked at the Autodesk Sustainability workshop, I decided to design a direct drilling robot that will use lightweight materials such as aluminium, use a minimum of components which are designed to reduce maintenance time. This means that the robots’ mechanisms should be simple, light and efficient. Traditional planting methods involve five steps: 1. Ploughing 2. Cultivating/Power Harrowing, 3. Levelling 4. Rolling 5. Seeding This method is destructive to the top soil, wasteful of fuel, resources and time. I wanted to design a robot as an alternative to this process using...
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Eco pizza box


Pizza boxes often use large amounts of cardboard for only a single use, and are usually thrown away afterwards. In an effort to reduce waste, this pizza box design uses less cardboard, as it takes advantage of the geometry of the hexagon. It uses approximately 17 percent less material than a typical square pizza box.
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I APOLOGIZE FOR THE PREVIOUS ENTRIES I WAS HAVING TROUBLES SUBMITTING IT PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THOSE Our project is a prototype of a house which seeks genuine sustainable development; its main objectives are the efficient use of energy, water conservation, recycling and land use.
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A Vex Solar Tracker


The 536 Teams created a solar tracker in Autodesk Inventor and in real life that tracks the sun to increase the efficiency of the solar panel it carries. This solar tracker is unique because it does not use sensors to track the sun, but instead uses a complex algorithm to know the suns position. This allows the solar tracker to be reprogrammed to perform other tasks without needing to change sensors. This also creates less environmental waste because the sensors to not have to be manufactured. Using a 1 meter solar panel on the solar tracker increases the efficiency y of the panel by 33%
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The Robotic Room


The Robotic Room is an excellent way for families to both save money, save the environment, and remain comfortable.
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This project was created by VRC team 2114a (Team Automata)/BEST Robotics team 355 (Cave Creek Robotics) Much of the waste thrown in the trash today is usable through recycling or as compost. Instead, it is filling up our landfills. Sorting of usable waste from trash is often inconvenient, and current methods for transporting waste rely primarily on large, inefficient trucks using fossil fuels. The R-WARS (Robotic Waste Recycling System) is a solution to these problems.
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Spider Maid


Our project designs a robotic system to clean exterior windows of a building. With understanding the Whole System and Lifecycle Thinking from Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, we identify a way to use resource efficiently by increasing equipment utilization to embrace the concept of “Green building”. Unlike a permanent building maintenance unit that use tracks, our mobile façade cleaning system can be transported to another location easily and can be deployed in minutes. Our sustainable design empowers a single system to clean many buildings. Sharing equipment reduces consumption of...
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