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Spider Maid


Entry ID #: 1399
Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 2:38 AM

Our project designs a robotic system to clean exterior windows of a building. With understanding the Whole System and Lifecycle Thinking from Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, we identify a way to use resource efficiently by increasing equipment utilization to embrace the concept of “Green building”. Unlike a permanent building maintenance unit that use tracks, our mobile façade cleaning system can be transported to another location easily and can be deployed in minutes. Our sustainable design empowers a single system to clean many buildings. Sharing equipment reduces consumption of non-renewable resources, minimizes waste and makes the system affordable.


We started the design process by defining a list of goals and we prioritized them. We brainstormed with design ideas and conducted online research to help us assess the feasibility and limitations of design proposals. We used decision matrix to rate performance for each option based on a list of criteria for decision making.

Progress of design process for Spider Maid. We drew the initial sketch with Autodesk SketchBook Mobile on iPad. Later, we decide to draw with Autodesk Sketch Pro on notebook.

Progress of design process for Mobile Crane. We went through three iterations of design cycles using decision matrix to evaluate design proposals and making trade-off in the process.

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