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Texas Team "What Have You Learned?" Video

VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) teams in the state of Texas are invited to create and submit an original YouTube video to tell the world what they have learned while participating in the VEX Robotics Competition. This online challenge is part of the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation and Texas Workforce Commission's initiative to develop 400 new High School VRC teams and support an additional 100 existing VRC teams.

Teams should focus on issues like team organization, robot construction, lessons you have learned, obstacles you faced, your sponsors, and the importance of robotics. See the "Evaluation Criteria" below for more details.



What We Have Learned


This is VRC Team 4080A's Texas Team "What have you learned?" online challenge video. We did not have access to a good video camera so we used still pictures taken at various Toss Up and outreach events to compile a video slide show with captions. We hope you enjoy it!
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A Better World

Omni Eagles 4000

"A Better World" is VRC team 4000's "What Have You Learned?" video entry. Q: How did your team select its members? A: We consist of a bunch of ragtag home-shoolers who are interested in engineering. Q: What is the most important component of your robot construction and why? A: We have the ability to de-score Bucky Balls out of the stash. Q: What do your team members feel is the most important lesson they have learned as a result of participating in the VEX Robotics Competition? A: It's just as much fun to teach as it is to compete. Q: What obstacles did your...
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3 Years in 3 Minutes


Our entry for the Texas Team "What Have you Learned Video" is titled "3 Years in 3 Minutes" and reviews what we have learned as 4 high school VEX participants and seniors about to graduate. Q: How did your team select its members? A: Our team began with the coincidental matchup of Aaron, Abee, and Matt on the first day of high school during robotics class. We all sat at the same table in the classroom, having never met each other before. We came from different backgrounds but quickly became friends and competed in our first Vex competition, Round Up. Since then,...
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2880A, An Experience


We are a 5-year VEX RObotics team blessed with excellence, and dedication. We couldn't have done it without our Parent's, and our Sponsor, Glenn WInstryg. Awards: 3x Tournament Champion 2x Semi-finalist 1x- Quarterfinalist
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What DISCO has learned


2587z is a two man team consisting of Peter Dulworth(Driver) and Cyrus Shy(Strategist). Both Peter and Cyrus narrated the video. Q&A: Q: How did your team select its members? A: We met through our home school track team. After discovering our mutual interest in robotics and engineering, Peter invited Cyrus to join his homeschool VEX team 2587z. Q: What is the most important component of your robot construction and why? A: Our hanging latch is the most important part of our robot, because it is able to accomplish so many tasks while remaining relatively simple. It can A.)...
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What 4252A Has Learned


How did your team select its members? Shane and Gabe met when they expressed a mutual interest in competitive robotics during an engineering class. When they discovered that no option was available at their school, they pursued the idea of starting their own team. What is the most important component of your robot construction and why? Our design process and documentation has been key to aiding our robot construction. By keeping our past thoughts and actions organized, we are always sure to make significant improvement over iteration throughout the creation of our robots. Our focus is...
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Knights in VEX Armour


VEX Robotics team members from Team 5023 in Houston, Texas explain what they have learned during the 2013 2014 VEX season.
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The VEXperience

Omni Eagles 4000

This year, VRC Teams 4000 and 4000X have had the opportunity to Mentor rookie VEX team, 1321. We decided that it would be very beneficial for them to learn how to make a VEX Online Challenge video…. So we created The VEXperience. Q: How did your team select its members? A: Omni Eagles 4000 has had a great deal of success in the years it has been around. So, all of 4000's younger siblings wanted to get a piece of the action and came together to form 4000X. Q: What is the most important component of your robot construction and why? A: The most important part of our robot is how quickly...
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