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Omni Eagles 4000
Entry ID #: 1411
Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 11:20 AM

This year, VRC Teams 4000 and 4000X have had the opportunity to Mentor rookie VEX team, 1321. We decided that it would be very beneficial for them to learn how to make a VEX Online Challenge video…. So we created The VEXperience. Q: How did your team select its members? A: Omni Eagles 4000 has had a great deal of success in the years it has been around. So, all of 4000's younger siblings wanted to get a piece of the action and came together to form 4000X. Q: What is the most important component of your robot construction and why? A: The most important part of our robot is how quickly it can intake and stash bucky balls-even in autonomous. Q: What do your team members feel is the most important lesson they have learned as a result of participating in the VEX Robotics Competition? A: That everyone can be part of VRC. It doesn't matter how old you are, or what background you come from. Q: What obstacles did your team have to overcome while designing and building your robot? The ability to score with speed was definitely a pressing issue. After we tried a scissor-lift, we knew that we needed to come up with a more versatile, quick design. Q: Who are the sponsors who made it possible for your team to participate in the VEX Robotics Competition? A: The YMCA, Sweetfrogs Frozen Yogurt, Chick-fil-A, Boys and Girls Club, and AT&T. Q: Why does your team think it is important that all students have access to robotics programs? A: Everyone needs the opportunity, you never know where the next brilliant mind will come from.


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