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VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge

Professionals and students both use CAD to design everything from mechanical components to complex systems to competition robots. The VEX design system is designed using CAD, and students design their robots using CAD models of VEX parts.



Compass Sensor


Here is 3946W's entry into the VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge. Please consult the included video, write up, and pictures. If you liked our entry, please vote for it! Thanks!
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Wire Clip, Take 2


3018V designed and prototyped a reusable wire clip that plugs into VEX extrusion framing holes.
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Joystick Screen Display


Improve the LCD the distance will not be a problem anymore, now can be used in driver mode!
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VEX Ball Bearings


Anyone that is in VRC knows that reducing friction is the key to a competitive robot. When we are at competition we see lifts stained gray around the axles from graphite and robots with complex gearing always tripping breakers because of this evil part of physics; although there is hope! With the power of ball bearings the little bit of extra weight will dramatically combat this well known terror! With the help of Inventor we redesigned the 500 year old design to support a square hole that way vex axles will hold like magic!
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Polycarbonate Drive


During the 2014-2015 VEX season, we created a polycarbonate drivetrain. This new innovative design allows us to place holes in various areas enabling the ability to create mechanisms such as; a center drop, a pneumatic transmission (Dog Shifter), a manual transmission , and a four, six, or eight wheel drive. All of these types of drive can fit inside two inches of spacing.
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Secure Static Rope Pulley


Showcases a design of a modification to the existing pulley part that if had been available would have helped our team a great deal during Skyrise.
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Snap Bearing


This new component would be added to the vex subsystem of motion. It would aid in situations in which many shafts and gears would need to be placed in a small space by removing any need to use screws or pop-rivets when using this part.
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3D Claw.

Meadowvale 1

Cad design and printed 3D claw. Student Grade 10 Report by Junita Ahammed.
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The String Encoder Module


Many teams in the Skyrise Competition require an effective method for measuring the displacement of one or more parts of their robot. Specifically, teams are looking for a method for measuring the height of their lift, or each side of their lift. In competition, it is not an uncommon sight for a scissor lift collapse sideways into a slinky, or to see a Linear Lift jam because the two sides did not travel in unison. The String Encoder solves this problem, by allowing teams to consistently measure how far any part of the robot travels. The string on the sensor is attached to any part of the...
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