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Wire Clip, Take 2


Entry ID #: 1413
Created: Thu, Jan 8, 2015 9:15 PM

3018V designed and prototyped a reusable wire clip that plugs into VEX extrusion framing holes.


Written report with images covering design process, completed part and robot designs, and assemblies.

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   TPR100 on 03/02/2015

I would definitely use these. It takes us tons of time to wire our robot and then one change we have to cut every zip tie and restart. This would eliminate all of that!

   eugenefan1-100 on 01/17/2015

This is a brilliant idea, and completely original. If this were a part in the vex store I would buy them by the dozens as I hate the mess that zip-ties create, and the fact that zip-ties are not reusable. Also cool that you got them made at a 3d printer in order to test them.