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Snap Bearing


Entry ID #: 1419
Created: Mon, Jan 12, 2015 1:12 PM

This new component would be added to the vex subsystem of motion. It would aid in situations in which many shafts and gears would need to be placed in a small space by removing any need to use screws or pop-rivets when using this part.


A document detailing how the component works with the VEX robotics systems, and how a CAD program was used to build it.

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   robbin847 on 01/14/2015

Great idea as i hate it when my screw head become an issue and i have to completely re space everything to get the design to work but what if the barbs wear down? or if they break mid match? Its is a very smart idea but I think that these might be a big fragile to not use screws and that if implemented many teams would put screw through them for safety anyway. oh and i like the detail you put in the deisgn process. Good Job!