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VEX Air Compressor


Entry ID #: 1431
Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 12:44 PM

An air compressor for a VEX Robot to recharge the pneumatic system and prevent running out of air during a match.


A Layout for the PCB

Schematics for the PCB

An isometric drawing of the compressor

Description of the design process.

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   Kevin Boenisch on 01/21/2015

This would be very practical, but the main issue I see with this is that to get up to 100 psi it would draw a ridiculous amount of power, much more than what a motor or sensor port can give. Also, the GDC limited air tanks to reduce the amount of free energy teams can get beyond the ten motors, but this makes pneumatics infinite again.

   robbin847 on 01/14/2015

thats pretty smart as with a 2 reservoir limit running out of air is possible but does that eliminate the callenge of pneumatics limit as you would never need more than 1 reservoir. Although it would make pneumatics more accessible, which i am all for, it might make them a little overpowered. also how much power would this consume and would you have to wire it up properly to have it stop at 100 psi?