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The Ball Bearing Block


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Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 3:59 PM

Ball Bearing Block For the VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge, our team has designed a unique and beneficial part that is greatly needed by a vast majority of the VEX membership worldwide. Our unprecedented part that we have designed for this challenge is appropriately named the High Strength Shaft Ball Bearing. It is modeled as an innovative extension to the High Strength Shaft Bearing (HSSB) that was released last year. The primary goal of this new component is to efficiently decrease friction created by wheel movement and to abate stress and tension placed on the respective motors. The part would be used along with the HSSB to create an optional but effective system for increased robot capability. The extension fits cozily within the HSSB using a simple screw system to keep it sturdy and in place throughout competition. To design the part, we used SolidWorks, a program created by Dassault Systemes for industrial 2D and 3D CAD design and manufacturing. We began the process by downloading the HSSB SolidWorks file online so that we could have an accurate representation of the original part without having to design a new one based on existing measurements and specifications. After loading the part in SolidWorks, we sketched an 11mm circle on the rear of the part, and used the extruded cut tool to create a hole of same size. After designing all of the necessary parts to complete the component, we brought them into an assembly document and configured the assembly in order to create an exploded view rendering. After completing a rendering and putting the assembly through motion studies and stress tests, we created a simple “Tumbler-bot” and used the newly developed part as an important feature of the design. We realized at this point that the Ball Bearing Block is not much bigger than the original HSSB, but it makes an extremely noticeable difference in robot maneuvering and motor preservation. Following this description are images related to the engineering design process we adopted to create the part along with our under 60 second video detailing our part’s design. We look forward to integrating this revolutionary component into the everyday life of VEX students across the globe.


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   Kevin Boenisch on 01/21/2015

What size ball bearings would you use? I would think they need to be quite small. Also, your video does not work and gives an error.