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VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge

Professionals and students both use CAD to design everything from mechanical components to complex systems to competition robots. The VEX design system is designed using CAD, and students design their robots using CAD models of VEX parts.



Threaded Rod Linear Motion Kit


Team 1437z introduces the threaded rod linear motion kit- a new solution to high precision movement.
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Wire Gusset

Ian Clavio

Once every other match, either our team or our alliance encountered difficulties with wires becoming unplugged or tangled. Many times those unfortunate problems hindered us from advancing further in the tournament. Through a series of brainstorming sessions, we thought of ways to combat the uncooperative wires and to find an effective solution to replace zip ties. Together, we thought of many ideas including using different localized brains, which would reduce the amount of wires going to the centralized brain. Also, we thought of a way to reduce the possibility of wires becoming unplugged,...
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Rad Over


This image is the original project of NASA, Which is made for a school project with the goal of making contributions to space research, which is taken as a basis for conducting research on soil surfaces. Thus providing the use of different mechanical, hydraulic, positioning systems, vision mechanisms, etc.
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The EZConnect is a tool designed to make wiring and switching cortex's in a competitive environment easier.
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Redesign Motor V12


In automotive mechanics, a V12 engine has two banks of six cylinders crankcase and common crankshaft to both, usually with an aperture of 60 ° or 120 ° between them. Note, all movements are synchronized, camshaft, pistons, air intake.
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The Anti-Tip System


The Anti-Tipping System offers a multitude of ways to keep robots upright during competition making tipping a thing of the past. There are three different new components: a bracket, a specially designed wheel, and smooth ski.
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Jack and Bailey's rake


We built a rake for VEX IQ robots
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Ola 5203S Online Challenge


The Ola High School Vex Robotics Team 5203S Online Challenge
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Pneumatic Dog


Robotic technology is more advanced every day for that reason to make human exoskeletons designs, took the initiative to provide robotic structures for animals, for manufacturing purposes, to do this particular model research plays movement specialized mechanics.
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