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VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge

Professionals and students both use CAD to design everything from mechanical components to complex systems to competition robots. The VEX design system is designed using CAD, and students design their robots using CAD models of VEX parts.



1x1x35 C-Channel


The 1x1x35 C-Channel was create by our team because we noticed the need for it in our current VEX designs. It is half the width of an ordinary C-Channel, giving more space for other things on you robot such as delrin bearings and wheels. There is no notch at the fifth hole unlike most C-Channels because those holes need to be filled in in order for the C-Channel to have the desired strength demanded by our design. The C-Channel is a strong piece for creating strong structures and frame. It can be used as the main parts of a drive train and the main parts of a lifting arm such as a scissor...
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High Strength Shaft Output Conversion


This conversion kit allows teams to use the new high strength shafts in their robot designs.
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The Ball Bearing Block


Ball Bearing Block For the VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge, our team has designed a unique and beneficial part that is greatly needed by a vast majority of the VEX membership worldwide. Our unprecedented part that we have designed for this challenge is appropriately named the High Strength Shaft Ball Bearing. It is modeled as an innovative extension to the High Strength Shaft Bearing (HSSB) that was released last year. The primary goal of this new component is to efficiently decrease friction created by wheel movement and to abate stress and tension placed on the respective...
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