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Left Hanging Game Animation


Entry ID #: 53
Created: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 11:58 PM

This animation shows a VeX game where metal cubes are scored onto magnets suspended above the field. Robots remaining in the arena but off the floor at the match end counts for ten bonus points.


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   MarkGlover on 03/09/2010

great animation really wan to do the game

   smartkid on 03/07/2010

BluePhoenix, this is more on a personal note. No one here is really upset, I don't see the need to bar yourself from commenting unless you feel you've said everything that is to be said. I'm sure all of these entries are legitimate and, for the record, the voting was much worse last year so this is a nice improvement. -Cody

   Krummel on 03/06/2010

This game presents several severe problems: 1. Magnets + Steel Frames = Risk of getting caught 2. The field of the magnets could mess with electronics if they are strong enough. 3. A remote connection outside the field, through a frame that is magnetically charged to a robot within that field could cause signal disruption. 4. Launching a metal block at magnetized metal blocks wouldn't always just knock off the rest. Some of them could latch onto the side (again depending on a lot of variables) 5.A magnet's hold will have limited capacity, so some game objects may be unscorable if the magnets cannot hold any more. 6. Not to mention metal blocks the size of Elevation's foam blocks are quite heavy, and a misplaced launch could cause severe damage to the robots. One reason VEX uses foam objects and softer objects like tennis balls is that the risk of it hurting a robot is really low. There are rules against damage to the field, yet this presents the problem of the reverse. 7. Mechanisms would need a lot of power consumption to launch the game objects. 8. The metal frame poses several problems within itself. One, assembly will become more of a hassle Two, the possible collapse of it will cause some catastrophes (even tested and engineered structures sag and fail) Three, the ability to add this to a reused field from previous years is limited, and the sides of the field aren't 100% sturdy right now so attachment of a frame like this would pose problems Four, dangerous. Young children and even adults could cut themselves on any sharp (or even dulled) edges of the frame, game objects, getting caught in the chain, etc. There's a lot to think about when designing a game. I personally like the animation, it's just that there is a lot of possible physics that could go wrong. To those who are accusing others of cheating: I trust (as should others) that this person is honest and worked extremely hard on his entry, and just because it is good shouldn't mean someone else did it. His talent has gotten him this far, so we should either applaud him or give constructive criticism. That's all.

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

IFI can see the IP address of every comment, every forum post, every login, every email I've ever sent them, etc. I would be a fool to risk my company's biggest client on a rouge design entry. -Cody

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

BluePhoenix, Polynomic 3D is not a real company. It is simple an alias that I (Cody Smith) a.k.a Smartkid do business under. Team PTD is a local college level robotics team that I formed. Camaron Townsend is a member of this team and, I promise, he is the only author of this animation. I did not contribute directly to this entry whatsoever. I (personally) stepped down from the animation entries because I felt that it would be unfair to others because of my recent achievements. I also have other projects that are eating into my time which take presence. -Cody