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Pyramid Plunder


Entry ID #: 54
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 1:26 PM

Crawfordsville High School robotics team is proud to present Puramid Plunder. Pyramid Plunder was made on 3ds MAX software


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   smartkid on 04/07/2010

Congratulations crawfordsville! I knew you'd place either 1st or 2nd, great work. Envy's music shall thump in the background of all Vex Design a Game Animation champions. Please let me know if your going to worlds as I would enjoy meeting, -Cody Polynomic 3D

   jfeord14 on 03/25/2010

anamation and audio was great and loved the glowing base and the people. I liked how the robots had to work together to score the only problem with that is if one robot sucks the other team cant do anything about it

   smartkid on 03/07/2010

Ah, I know why. I'm about 95% sure you rendered this with the scanline renderer. Scanline is the default max renderer but it is rather basic. Mental Ray comes free with max and it kicks the crud out of scanline. I used Mental Ray for both Tetra Triad and Clean Sweep. Mental Ray has a completely different material editor which is much more detailed. The result is an extremely realistic animation. The downside is, done correctly Mental Ray requires a ton of computational power to render. I'm not kidding, call me sometime this week and I can guide you through the process of turning the mental ray renderer on and some of the new settings that are associated with it. I'm busy Mondays and Wednesdays, 321.543.8039 -Cody

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

From personal experience, the tiles are a complete [blue itch] to model. I should be clear, I haven't modeled them, I textured them in extreme detail. A model can be derived from a texture so converting that texture to a model wouldn't take much effort. Nice to see your reviews Krummel. -Cody

   Krummel on 03/06/2010

I like the game...yet the Z-fighting, Halo figures, and t-shits with floating text detracted from it personally. Not to mention the physics of the game objects...was lacking. Otherwise a good entry. My favorite part is when you show the foam tiles. I know a shape like that is a pain to model, but it looks sweet!

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

Crawfordsville: Please realize that unlike everyone else, my criticism is meant to help you. I don't have an entry of my own so I'm not dogging you just to boost myself. I won the Design-A-Game-Animation last year, and was given the opportunity to create the real game animation for Clean Sweep. I used Envy's music and I was just half-way joking with you about that fact. I whole heartedly think you will do well and wish you luck! -Cody

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

First off, I'm the only one allowed to use Envy's music in Vex animations. :D The clock idea was ripped from the 09-10 FTC animation. I'm not really sure where the Halo Master-Chief model came form or the Final-Fantasy glowing floor. Wall, Clean Sweep. Also, those "triangles' look an awful lot like Tetra's ;) Constructive criticism: - Glowing field, good! -Shadows on ground planes, bad (I can show you how to fix that in the future) - Showing the foam tiles, great idea! I may borrow this. - Model detail & lighting, better than most entries. I predict you will place, good luck! -Cody