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Entry ID #: 55
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 9:38 PM

Geometry is team 254D's entry to this year's Vex animation competition. This game involves game pieces and scoring methods never before seen in a Vex game. Hope you enjoy!


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   jfeord14 on 03/25/2010

liked the anamation and how the game was simple while there are different stragedies that could be used. The audio was better than the other videos

   bellpride on 03/15/2010

@physdoc: I'm glad you mentioned those points - some of those we took particular care to address. We brainstormed the game for an hour to make it unique (rods), achievable (12" goals), but not completely out-of-the-box (in the bonus section, we opted for a bar like '07, instead of some large playing object - white ball '10, bonus cube/platform '09, goalpost '08, colored ball '08...) If we were to write a game manual, the whole bar would have to be within the solid tile (not on the wavy ridge either). The animation team opted not to include every rule to keep the explanation down-to-earth. FYI, another rule is that a referee must be able to slide a paper underneath a robot for it to be considered "hanging." Thanks for taking the time to comment.

   smartkid on 03/10/2010

Bellarbots, I run team PTD along with Camaron Townsend. We both attend Brevard Community College.

   smartkid on 03/07/2010

True, 254 is large but they've never, ever, given me a reason to suspect foul play. BellAnimator, If you'd like, please find me in the pits at worlds. Make sure to get my attention then tell me who you are. Your alias might not be enough, you might have to explain how I know you quickly. I'd love to chat with all of the authors of animation entries. Not that I have a particular topic in mind but it would be great to chit-cat I suppose. Once again, good luck and at this point in time good night! -Cody

   BellAnimator on 03/06/2010

I paraphrased, not quoted =P. And our team is dedicated to fair play, don't worry about that.

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

Almost sounds like BellAnimator quoted me. BluePhoenix, your not factoring in the "Poof"' factor. Team 254 is huge, they don't need to stack accounts to get a crazy amount of votes. Just keep is relatively fair, no obsessive under voting please. -Cody

   BellAnimator on 03/06/2010

@Blue Phoenix: IFI can see the IP address of every post and entry on this site, so I wouldn't be fool enough to do that.

   bellpride on 03/06/2010

Animation is clean and simple, focusing more on the game than on the special effects, though there are some gaps in the action. Robot designs are believable without enough detail to reveal possible designs.

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

Ok, audio quality is great and clear. Editing / titles could use some work but are alright. My biggest issue with this animation is the lack of lighting/shading. Shadows are essential to how we see and need to be rendered in an animation. These settings aren't that hard to implement so long as you have a semi-modern computer that can render all day long. Model detail is a bit low but on par with most of the other animation entries. Good luck Poof's and I'll most definitely see you at worlds! -Cody