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Pile Up


Entry ID #: 57
Created: Sat, Mar 6, 2010 12:23 AM

Vex Pile Up is a game where you need to get 'brix' into your coloured zone for points. There are 4 zones, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 bloe, 1 green. The trick is stratigy.


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   smartkid on 03/06/2010

Start out with a sketch, that's a really great way to start developing something like this. When I have a difficult object to model or create, i tend to start on paper. Once again, good luck! -Cody

   smartkid on 03/06/2010

Welcome back 1114! I have two pieces of very constructive criticism. I would like to have seen more detail added to the "bricks" as they are the game objects which makes them extremely important to game dynamics and it is very hard to hear what is being said at times. That's it, good animation. Good luck and I will hopefully see you at worlds! -Cody