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EMC Corporation® Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – your VEX Robotics Competition, VEX U or VEX IQ Challenge team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future.



ACTC Robotics Website


This is our program website for the ACTC Robotics Program. We have students from 4 high school in 2 districts at our center. This year we are fielding 4 VEX teams from within our Project Lead the Way Program. This site also contains links to all of the individual team websites.
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MHS Devil Bots Website


This is a website for our VEX Robotics teams. It contains pictures we take and dates of upcoming competitions. It was built by the programmers of our robotics team. We are representing Murphysboro High School from Murphysboro, Illinois.
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Team Spyder


Team Spyder is a 74 student strong organization dedicated to the principles of STEM education and robotics indoctrination. The number one goal of Team Spyder has always been to share STEM with the world, and we have been successful in that respect through our work on our local middle schools and our establishment of the Engineering Academy & Pathway at our school, Poway High School. Team Spyder is known form its passion and skill in multiple robotics competitions such as the VEX Robotics Competition and FIRST Robotics Competition.
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Potomac School Robotics Website


This is the website for Team 12, Potomac School Robotics. McLean, VA
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Dunwoody High School Robotics

Dunwoody Robotics

Dunwoody High School: design, build, improve, and innovate. Check out videos of our 5 teams robots at:
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Volt Robotics


This is the website of team 5194B Volt Robotics of East Barnet School.
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Haslett Robotics Club

Vex Vortex

The website for all of the haslett robotics club teams.
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Team Livewire Website


This is the website from the Livewire (1069F) team, based in Berthoud, Colorado. We are part of Berthoud Robotics and this is our team's third year. We have been working on this website for the past year and a half. Our main goals were to make it easy to use, have helpful information for anyone that might come across it and promote our program to the community.
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The Boss Botz Website


We are 1080p The Boss Botz. We are located in Cold Spring, MN. We started about four years ago. We have excelled quickly winning many tournaments and have had the opportunity to go to the World Championship. We are entering this challenge to broaden reach and get our name known. Our website contains information all about us. How we started, and what we do. We designed our website to look cool, creative, easy to use and help anyone who has questions about Vex Robotics, us, or any questions that they may have.
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Chadwick Robotics Website


The official website for team 2150! This website is built on wordpress, using a custom theme.
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This is our second entry. The first domain expired before we could renew it, thus we do not have This is our current website; hopefully this makes sense to you. If you have any questions you can contact me. Thanks, Bekah
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TMSA VEX Robotics


Triad Math and Science Academy VEX Robotics Team`s Web site. We have 8 Student members and a Coach. We have been building robots and learning since September 2014 and we are aware that every bit of experience empower us. Please visit our web site to know better about us and see our photos. We appreciate every vote you give for us and Thank you.
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VHS Robotics Website

VHS Crusaders

This is the website for the Valley Home School VEX and VEX IQ robotics teams. We are a homeschool group based in Wisconsin.
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TheInfinites Website


Hello, we are team 6089 The Infinities! We are an all girls team located in the Bay Area CA. This is our second year in VEX. Last year competing in the middle school division, we won four awards at states (which you can see in our Credentials part of our VEX page) and ranked 12th of 96 teams at Worlds. (Link of article This year we had our first victory at Modesto and are qualified for states. We will also be attending the tournament at Tracy so feel free to say hello, only some of us are...
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CHHS BRUINS 6135 Website


CHHS BRUINS Vex Robotics team website. Central Hardin High School in Cecilia, KY. High School PLTW Program.
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The Kent Denver Robotics Website


The 3946R entry into the website challenge. We think of this website as an ongoing document and will continue to update throughout the season. Thus, expect change throughout the season.
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Roarbotix Website


This is the website for the Mount Albert Grammar robotics group. We built this website throughout 2014 and will continue to update it with future events in the coming year, as well as adding more detail to past events and the history of our team.
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Neobots Web Site


The Neobots web site show the collaboration of all our work compiled onto one page. Learn about our team and its members.
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Hillcrest VEX Robotics


This is the website for the Teams at Hillcrest Christian College which will continue to be updated in 2015 with new content and build logs as the school year progresses.
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Tesla Robotics Team Website


This is the team website for 8899: Tesla Robotics. Built from the ground up in Dreamweaver and hosted using iPage. Enjoy!
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We designed this web site this year using Word Press. We used the DIVI theme and designed it from scratch so it would look exactly like we envisioned our site to look like. One of our sponsors Franktronics is sponsoring the hosting of the web site.
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Cornerstone Robotics


Cornerstone Robotics is a Christian home school robotics program entering its sixth year of competition. We are now a well respected veteran team and going strong. We have grown from a single team with ten students to seven teams with more than forty students throughout the Greenwood/Indianapolis area. We are especially excited about the addition this year of two elementary/middle school aged VEX IQ teams and possibly a collegiate team. We are working on achieving new levels of excellence by building robotics teams in the area. This program can be life changing for students by exposing...
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An Interactive Experience


This website includes important details about 750R.
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St. Peter's School STEM


This is a website designed and written by the Dynamite Droids, describing all their school's STEM programs.
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Waialua Robotics Team Website


This is the website for VEX Robotics Competition Team 359: The Hawaiian Kids.
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Cape Robotics


Cape Robotics is the robotics program at Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware. We are a young team; only one year old. We began working on the site in October, populating the site with information, blogs, pictures, and videos. While we did use a theme for our site, there were many design decisions we had to make to create an outstanding website. User interface is the main priority. Colors are to remain consistent, navigation is easy to use, the layout is clear, and pictures are formatted correctly. The site isn’t perfect on mobile, but all information is easily accessible and...
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Vexmen Webiste


Website for the Vexmen teams - 23 teams in Middle School & High School divisions with over 120 roboteers. The website helps order parts, capture shirt orders, and publicize the happenings of the club
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1104Z Website


This website was created by members of team 1104Z to provide information on the Non-Profit initiative that has been started to establish a platform to provide STEM education for youths.
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