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Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 3:50 PM

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   Team 2252C on 01/21/2015

Thanks @MarySmith for the website feedback, we'll try to create a better color scheme next time. Sorry if you find hard to believe that we don't have funds. Our school team has 30 members. We have a budget that can cover exactly 5 teams. Currently, each team has 6 members and judging by our experience it has been efficient that way because all the students distribute their work. Another factor is that our robotics classroom isn't big enough to have 50 students at the same time. The team flag was given by a parent to one of the teams when they achieved the World Championships, meaning it wasn't an expense from the club per se. In response to the supposed rumor, rumors are rumors and you shouldn't base your facts by it. We can assure you 100% that we, the students, made ALL of the submitted entries.

   Team 2252C on 01/20/2015

Hey @brosephjoseph! We're really sorry that the information provided on the website bothered you. Our school is not a huge school and only an amount of people have the privilege to enter. In our case, the robotics team is the most popular organization and almost all the 7th graders want to apply. We do not have the funds for having more than 5 teams, that's why we have to pick the most distinguished, and eager students based on a series of evaluations. As you may know, to build a robot, students need certain disciplines such as responsibility, teamwork and most importantly, dedication. We tend to look for this qualities when choosing the possible candidates. If we could enter all this kids to the club and have 12 teams, we would, but sadly we do not have the funds. Also, in our website we encouraged people from OUTSIDE of our school to create their own team, since this is a school organization we cannot accept people that are not studying in there. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that you still liked our website. If you have any further doubts about our program or website don't hesitate to contact us.