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Entry ID #: 1583
Created: Mon, Jan 12, 2015 1:04 PM

Our mascot is designed to soar above the crowd because it is mounted on a Vex metal backpack and integrated stand which can be worn as a backpack or set up on display in a pit area. The robot can be controlled manually or set up to run autonomously meeting visitors that it detects using Vex range finders. The beak and head are powered by Vex servos while the body and neck are powered by a high torque motor geared at seven to one. Each wing is a double four bar using a combination of chain and sprocket and links powered by one high torque motor geared to twenty one to one. Sound is provided through the Vex speaker and timed to operate in conjunction with beak movement. The mascot meets size requirements when it’s wings are folded in and the head is tilted forward. The mascot has proven to be a real crowd pleaser from young children to high schoolers and adults.


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