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FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge

The FUTURE Foundation exists to advance robotics and technology through education.

Build a mascot for your team out of VEX Robotics components. Your mascot can cheer for your team, dance, shoot (safely!) confetti, wave flags or anything else you can picture your mascot robot doing to support your team.





Our School Mascot is a Duke so we designed a Robo-Duke to go with our school Mascot and our team name Robo-Dukes. We even made a mini- Engineering notebook to go with our Mascot Bot. He has appeared at several community event to showcase Robotics and attended the Battle of the Bridge tournament. He is made entirely of VEX parts except his hat and clothing.
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This is an animatronic parrot, a cyborg risen from the grave with one last mission, SUPPORTING PIRATECH ROBOTICS! YAR! YAR! YAR!
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This robot is our team mascot
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Dex the Vexecutive


To honor our Vexecutives team we built an entire robot as a mascot.
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Bently the mascot Bot


This is BentlyBot. He is a robot Cougar, the mascot for our school!
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