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Entry ID #: 1607
Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 6:55 AM

Minefield is a mine defusal/planting game that has been inspired by real world robotic defusal applications across many countries left covered with live mines around the world, injuring many innocent people even years after conflict. In Minefield, the objective is to carve a path out of the landmines to the enemy alliance. Each full path between the sides is worth bonus points. Landmines can also be scored on starting tiles for points. This game deals not only with throwing objects into containers, but also with strategy and orientation of game objects scattered on the field. This is one of our first animation projects so it will be interesting how well this will be received.


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   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2015

I like the scenery and the field layout on this animation, but the actual game seems confusing and needed a few replays before I actually understood the whole objective of the game. It probably would've been easier to understand if the other three competing robots were visible in the demo match, as it ends up looking like the red robot intentionally scored for the blue alliance. The voiceover works well and helps in getting across the objective of the game, but the main problem was the lack of actual animation demonstrating the game being played, so I think it would've been better showing the robots pushing the mines across the field instead of using lines drawn on afterwards. Overall, I don't like the game that much, but I like a lot of the 3D animation (especially the titles) and I think the animation would look a lot better if there was more animation Good Luck!