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Entry ID #: 1608
Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 9:42 AM

This is my first animation "project". I used blender for the animation, and Sony Vegas movie studio for video editing. *This is my second submission of this video, as the first one did not work.


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   TOSS_BOSSES on 01/18/2015

I like the general look of the field in this animation with the varied use of materials, and I like the ambition of how robots would have to move up tall towers to score in certain locations, but there is still a high risk factor there and it would be difficult for VEX Robotics to implement cheaply and safely. I also like how there's a lot of motion in this animation and it flows well between each rule and each part of the animation. The two main parts of this animation that could be improved in my opinion are the music, which I find overpowers the voiceover too much at times, and the sizing of the objects on the field, because it's difficult to get a sense of perspective in this animation which makes it look unrealistic. Seeing as this is your first animation project, I think this is a really good starting point and it'd be good to see the next animation :) Good Luck!

   robbin847 on 01/14/2015

I love the animation. But the sounds are a little distracting. Alos isnt the elevator a little bit dangerous? for a robot to fall off the elevator and onto another robot would be a bit dangerous.