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Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 8:36 AM

This video shows the impact the team has on their school and/or community, promoting STEM, their team, and the VEX Robotics Competition. The 90-second snippet begins with the team's great trip to the 2014 VRC World Championship. We then return to Bryant to see a couple of the team's activities in the "off-season." Around here, our program is widely known for robots and air cannons. The large cannon (bearing the 5691X badges), is our third generation and is the first to be actuated wirelessly via VEX micro-controller. It fires t-shirts 80+ yards and will soon be fire-able over the internet... yeah. Previous generations are scattered throughout the video as you'll see the team at events around Bryant's campuses and community. They're making great strides in promoting STEM everywhere they go - elementary schools, community duct tape boat races, flight lessons, near-space missions, football games, pep rallies, community pumpkin-chunkin', festivals, local industry, and so much more. The video also features visits from special guests (local and beyond) and a VEX pneumatic marshmallow-launching catapult, built for an AP Physics assignment. To see more, browse our youtube channel and check out our site - Make it happen.


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