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"Mission Impossible"


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Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 1:27 AM

The Vexecutives are a VEX Robotics team from Manatee County in Florida. After successfully claiming multiple awards at the 2014 World Championships, the Vexecutives began to miss the amazing experience they had competing with people from all over the globe in a variety of competitions. Evan, the team manager, decided to take up basketball as a replacement for VEX shortly after the season came to a close in order to pass time. After missing countless shots and realizing that basketball was not his true path, Evan had enough of his continuous sports failure. He was ready for a fresh start. Evan called his team members and instructed them to meet at a classified location on a specified date to receive further orders. The Vexecutives flew in from all corners of the world, and stopped whatever they were doing to fulfill the orders of their team captain. Maintaining their professional and businesslike appearance, the team came together and began their most important mission yet: “The Journey to the VEX Robotics World Championships”. The Vexecutives are now well on their way to building an efficient robot design, creating a legacy that will last forever, and amazing the competitors and spectators at every competition they attend. The Vexecutives are ready to make their mark yet again on the worldwide VEX community, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and aspirations this year. ________________________________________________________________________________ All music used was deemed royalty free or purchased by the Vexecutives team. All video footage was taken by members of the Vexecutives team. All ideas are orignial and were created by the Vexecutives team.


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   Mayuumeswastik on 01/21/2015

Love the idea and the edit :D Goodluck guys! -TeamBahrainotics