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Team 2252C
Entry ID #: 1857
Created: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 3:45 PM

CIMATEC Varsity team 2252C entry for the VRC Promote Award 2015. This video shows the team's experience in the area of work and competition. As a Working Man the team is always working with something new, but we don't forget about having time for fun.


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   Team 2252C on 02/15/2015

Hey @Anon777, what do you mean????? If you are insinuating we are cheating in someway, we would respectfully let you know that our votes are 100% legit. As good competitors we don't have the need to vote against our competition because we believe in fair competition. Likewise our amount of votes come from sharing the link with everyone we know and spreading the word. Still some other teams have been lowering the score not only to us but other teams. Have a good day. :)

   Team 2252C on 01/21/2015

UPDATE! We have tested several handheld devices and the video can be watched from them. :D ENJOY!

   Team 2252C on 01/21/2015

Hey @Sally Bowler: We are sorry to say that you're confusing the meaning of the song. According to Merriam Webster, man can be defined as an individual human. Also, we do not stand for sexism. In our team (2252) we have a lot of female students and our current mentor is a woman. Also, if you're referring to the description of our video, we used the title of the song as a pun to describe what we do in our work area. We apologize if you misunderstood what we meant and we will be more careful next time.

   Team 2252C on 01/21/2015

Hey @EthanMoes! Sorry that the video does not meet the quality you were looking for, but in YouTube 720p is one of the qualities that qualifies as HD. If you set your quality to 720p maybe you'll make the most of the quality of our video. As a team, we have given our best to make a fun but serious video that really demonstrates what VEX is. If you really do not like the content of our video, we are sorry.

   MoCkY1998 on 01/20/2015

This video is amazing!!! You guys impressed me once again I really hope you get first place this time!!!

   Team 2252C on 01/20/2015

Hello @TylerSSS We apologize that you couldn't watch the video, since the song: Working Man by Imagine Dragons has copyrights, our video cannot be watched from handheld devices. We encourage you to watch the video from your computer, you won't regret it.