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VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding team and/or VRC promotional video.



Vex Team 1231A Promote Award 2015


This video was made with iMovie. We had so much fun making it and I hope you enjoy it!!
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2177D Brain Bots Promote Video


How the decision to join robotics can change your life.
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Shake It Off Robo Style


The Belton Cyber Pirates (7232) have fun and enjoy Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," showcasing their robot and team environment.
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Engineering the Future


This video highlights the impact that Vex has had on students lives and how it has helped them grow. It represents how Vex is fostering the next generation of engineers and is teaching them life lessons to help them succeed at anything they do.
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1424 CART Robotics Team Promotion


This video shows what it means to be a member of our VEX Robotics team and what we accomplished in the last years. It shows several situations where we worked together as a team and where able to build a robot and compete with it.
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VEX Promote Video


This video gives a brief overview of how what the VEX Robotics competition is and has several participants give their opinions on the program.
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Fun with Robots


We have so much fun with building our robot.
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A Bit of What We Do


This video shows the impact the team has on their school and/or community, promoting STEM, their team, and the VEX Robotics Competition. The 90-second snippet begins with the team's great trip to the 2014 VRC World Championship. We then return to Bryant to see a couple of the team's activities in the "off-season." Around here, our program is widely known for robots and air cannons. The large cannon (bearing the 5691X badges), is our third generation and is the first to be actuated wirelessly via VEX micro-controller. It fires t-shirts 80+ yards and will soon be fire-able over...
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Join Vexmen


This is a promote award video entry persuading people to Join the Vexmen. It is also meant to be aired as a commercial for school activities during the morning announcements at my school. I hope this video will interest people and inspire them to join the club
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A Story About You


In our 2014-2015 VEX Promotional video, we invite 'you' (or at least, a representation of you) to the world of VEX robotics, where you'll (in representation) learn all about what it has to offer. Music Floating Away by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra:
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VEX is Competition

12G Robotics

For the Promote Award, we created a video to show the essence of robotics. We looked in more depth at our experiences at competitions, and how that has made us the team we are today.
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Gladstone Robosavages Promo


This video demonstrates the diversity and the use of teamwork existent within the Gladstone Robotics course.
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"Mission Impossible"


The Vexecutives are a VEX Robotics team from Manatee County in Florida. After successfully claiming multiple awards at the 2014 World Championships, the Vexecutives began to miss the amazing experience they had competing with people from all over the globe in a variety of competitions. Evan, the team manager, decided to take up basketball as a replacement for VEX shortly after the season came to a close in order to pass time. After missing countless shots and realizing that basketball was not his true path, Evan had enough of his continuous sports failure. He was ready for a fresh start....
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Team Spyder VEX Promote Video


Team Spyder's promote video submission is meant to inspire youth interested in possibly joining a STEM organization or activity to consider the VEX Robotics Competition for its rich experience and technical education.
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Sweetch 1119 - 2015 Promote Video


This video shows how important it is for us to encourage other people to join our team, and to be part of new experiencies that will help them develope new and amazing skills not only for robotics but for their daily life.
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This video is 750E's submission to the Vex Promote Video Online Challenge. It details what the Vex Robotics Program means to 750E.
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Vex Worlds - The time of our lives


Team 2560E and 2560 embarked on an adventure they will never forget last April, travelling to the vex robotics world championships and ranking 4th overall in programming skills! - song - Hall of Fame by The Script ft
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Let's Work!

Team 2252C

CIMATEC Varsity team 2252C entry for the VRC Promote Award 2015. This video shows the team's experience in the area of work and competition. As a Working Man the team is always working with something new, but we don't forget about having time for fun.
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