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VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award

The Promote Award offers a big chance to showcase your VEX IQ Challenge team! The most important thing is to get people excited about what you do! Have fun promoting your team.s VEX IQ Challenge experience!



Centerra Mirage RoboCops


Students documented with pictures and video their experiences from building their robots, learning to drive them, and participating in league competitions.
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VEX IQ Robotics Team 3333 Promote


Bumble Bees Robotics! Teams 3333A, 3333J, 3333P, 3333Q, 3333X, and 3333Z. This video shows some our our design process, photos of our meetings, our growth, and our future plans.
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Neobots Team #10600A Promo Video 2014-2015


This video show the Neobots working hard together to improve our robot and having fun in our own way. It shows how we build, drive, and win!
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Students on team 241E, Mililani Mauka Elementary School Eagleteks, highlight their experiences throughout this Vex IQ season using the popular theme of "Hawaii 5-O."
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Join Vex IQ Hula


Team 241M Maukabots have created a hula to encourage others to "Join Vex IQ"
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8058A VEX Promo


VEX IQ is an interesting and fun game for all ages, ride on the journey to discover the thrill with us.
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The VEX IQ Ballad of the VHS Knights


"The VEX IQ Ballad of the VHS Knights" is a tale of team 5509Z, the VHS Knights, progress from their start of last year through this year. The Ballad is a parody based on the theme song of "Gilligan's Island". It highlights our teams challenges, our growth, and giving back to our community through various community service projects.
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VEX Promo Video


This video shows a few clips of our robot and a few pictures of our vex team during competition. It shows we can work together to succeed and not only that but we have a female driver. That brings in the aspect that VEX along with programs like PLTW are trying to bring to the table because we need more females in these programs and in essence promotes VEX to be unisex.
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"More than a game"


Our Team Vexperts 7222z is a new IQ team from Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Our state is full of sunshine, beaches and is famous for baseball spring training. Our team is a new team, however, most of us played sports together in local sports organization. Through the process of engineering a robot using STEM education taught at school and TSA( Technology Student Association), we learn many valuable lessons like many sports team. We enjoy sports as much as we love Vex Robotics and it is part of our lives. All of us on the team has the different culture backgrounds but through Vex robotics, we...
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HMS Fantastic 4th Vex IQ


This video showcases our fantastic fourth grade robotics team at HMS. Most of our members are new to robotics this year. We have ten team members that are responsible for different parts of our program. We have designers, builders, drivers, programmers, researchers, and presenters. We have learned a lot this year!
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