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Shaft Rotator


Entry ID #: 1908
Created: Mon, Nov 23, 2015 11:28 AM

                I created the part because the shafts for the robots are square, making it difficult to make compact gear reducers because the gears must be on separate shafts.  My part solves this problem by allowing shafts to be inserted into each end and then allowing them to rotate freely of each other.  My part also allows making a robot with front and back axles that still uses tank controls.  The part is used by simply putting a shaft in each end, after which the shafts can spin freely of each other while still being connected.  I used Autodesk Inventor to make the part by first making a cap based on a model of the shaft, then I added the male and female joints to the ends of the parts I also had to add a frame to one of the parts as to make it able to be in the acid vat.  After Designing the parts, I put them together in an assembly and exported them to an stl file to 3d print.  From this project I learned to double check tolerances on a 3d printer before printing, I learned more thoroughly how to create parts based on other parts, and I learned how difficult it is to think of an original part.  I will definitely use Inventor in the future.  Knowing how to use 3d design software will help me in my career path by helping me express ideas more thoroughly.  

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   Pablofive on 01/05/2016

What keeps the two halves together? Why not just make both shafts shorter and not have them connect at all?