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Improved Robotic Gripper for better grip (TheSquid)


Entry ID #: 1910
Created: Wed, Nov 25, 2015 9:50 PM

I am designing a robotic part which is the gripper, It has a different way of holding an object, instead of just grabbing it like an average VEX Claw, it has fingers which goes around the object like squid tentacles, it creates a larger contact area therefore better grip without damaging the item it is holding. It has the ability to hold objects of different shapes and sizes.

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   yuzip123456789 on 01/22/2016

[email protected] Using a 3d printer, the gripper can be customized , 1 motor controls 2 fingers or 1 motor controls 1 finger, about the " the fingers goes around the object" this mechanism uses the same one as in this video