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Bicicle Brake Claw


Entry ID #: 1920
Created: Fri, Dec 4, 2015 2:05 PM

I am participating in the SkillsUSA searh and rescue copetition this year. The main goal of thee competition is go fingd and dispose of wooden ordinances placed on the course. This problem meant that I needed to design a brand new claw to grab the ordinance and place it into the can for disposal. I drew ispiration form a Bicycle brake and used the pivot and cable idea to operate the claw. This allowed it to be better balanced when lifing. The inside of the claw is flat and allows for many different types of gripping options. The stopper helps to keep the claw in a manageable position. The holes in the bottom follow the basic units of the Vex parts and can be attached to almost any piece of metal they make. The pulley system reduces the force needed to open the claw and can even allow the claw to have a better grip strength.


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