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Wire Organizer


Entry ID #: 1925
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2015 10:49 AM

Final Report           My reasoning for why I created the wire organizer was, because from my experience with using Vex Robotics (EDR) after I had finished prototyping and building my robot, all the random wires that connect your accessories and motors to the cortex were everywhere, creating a mess, even when you taped/tied down each wire. The issue that I have solved is that without having a part such as the Wire Organizer to organize and make moving you’re wired around easily; the wires cause an unorganized, irritating, and problematic mess.             The Wire Organizer would be used to make fitting your wires onto your robot more user friendly, organized and make the probability of wires disconnecting while competing less likely. As shown in Photo 1.2, the Wire Organizer would neatly hold the wires where they belong. As an added bonus on top of the actual problem it solves, the Wire Organizer, according to my classmates, makes robots looked much more presentable and well put together in comparison to tape and zip ties.              I used Autodesk Inventor to get a good idea of how I wanted my part to look and the figuring out of how my part may work while going through my iterations. Inventor was really helpful due to the fact that I was able to find out if my part was going to be compatible with the EDR robotic parts. Thanks to inventor I was able to save myself money and time, in the since that didn’t have to waste printing material and the extra time of printing several prototypes.             What I’ve learned while competing in this competition includes, new tools on Autodesk Inventor, using the 3-D printer, and a lot of the specifications on what our 3-D printer is capable of. I think what I really learned though going through the process to create the Wire Organizer, was that simple, is really sometimes the best, most effective way to go about things sometimes. Inventor in the future will be a great tool/ resource for me; not only because I’ll have the skill to use inventor and design things quick and inexpensively, but also I’ll be able to put myself out there and set myself apart from other engineers, due to my ability of being inexpensive and efficient with inventor. Inventor in a robotics challenge can be extremely useful; you can use inventor to not only make yourself new parts, but also find out if your robot will actually work without wasting time and running the risk of destroying motors and gears. Lastly I really do think 3-D design software will help me down my career path, I’ll be able to do a lot of things other engineers can’t and since I do have a head start with using the programs, I’ll know a lot more about the software and what it’s capable of. 


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