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VEX Mounting Cube


Entry ID #: 2013
Created: Thu, Jan 7, 2016 1:15 PM

VEX Robotics “Mounting Cube” Introductory Statement Creating the bases and elements with VEX robotics pieces proves to be a more challenging issue as the teams are creating their designs with upmost accuracy and precision. Frequently, teams find various elements of their design don’t evenly or accurately line up as they’re constructing their robot.                                                Usage of the Part The VEX Robotics “Mounting Cube” easily solves this issue by providing an even surface with threaded holes to screw together build plates and various VEX elements to form corners, or to accurately and precisely construct the robot with a solid sense of spacing and placement of elements. Various uses include forming corners with build plates, constructing the robot vertically from the base (mounting elements and build plates to the base), as well as spacing of VEX elements and other build features of the robot.  Design Process The creation of the VEX “Mounting Cube” stemmed from the utilization of Fusion 360, courtesy of Autodesk, Inc. The usage was rather simple as Fusion allowed us to easily create the various designs and phases of our submission, while also incorporating 3D VEX build plates for us to inspect the various uses and aspects of the design. Easily forming the overall shape and internal aspects of the cube, while utilizing the threading feature of Fusion, proved to make the overall design process simple while allowing us to finely detail and evaluate the design as a whole.  Future Usuage With the various uses we’ve found within Fusion 360, as well as the simplicity of the design process, we are most likely to use Fusion in the future for our various STEM Applications Projects. Within our VEX competitive robotics applications, we are likely to use the application in 3D printing parts, designing various elements of our robots, as well as creating mockups of various elements of our robots. Also our team participates in SeaPearch ROV competitions, 3D design and print is highly essential in performing well in those competitions, making Fusion and other Autodesk products a necessity in assuring our performance. Our opinion of 3D design software in career applications is such that for those in a product development field or any field in relation to architecture, design, and any form of modeling, knowledge in 3D design software would be a high necessity for use within various projects for the employer, clients, and overall be essential for performing the task at hand accurately.


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   Pablofive on 01/07/2016

Sorry, right as I posted that my friend looking over my shoulder said "It says right there, there are threads in the holes." This is a great design.

   Pablofive on 01/07/2016

I think that this is great idea, but I have one question. How do you get screws or nuts inside the cube? or do you stick a screw all the way through? Also, how is this better than using a chassis bumper that Vex already makes? It is an L joint.