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Versatile Cortex Mount


Entry ID #: 2092
Created: Sun, Jan 10, 2016 6:14 PM

VEX Cortex Mount So far throughout the career of our VEX EDR team, we’ve encountered a few common peeves that have set us back. The most prominent of these peeves have been mounting out cortex, and we’ve struggled with every robot to attach and find a place to mount our cortex that was accessible and efficient. With our new cortex mount, it brings to light a simple and effective way to switch, mount, and access the cortex on any robot. The mount consists of 3 simple and quick parts. 2 mounting sliders, and one mounting bracket board. The 2 mounting sliders attach to the bottom of the cortex, and have one special lock hole where a screw can be inserted and screwed to lock in the position of the cortex. The mounting board allows for a versatile mounting position, with holes for screws all round on the bottom. Autodesk Inventor aided us in the main and final render and test for our initial idea. After the team meet with each other to discuss our design for this challenge, we decided on an interchangeable cortex mount. Inventor helped us draw up initial variations of the mounting of the cortex, and allowed us to create the final product, and get the exact dimensions. Inventor streamlined the design process, allowing us to create a brand new product out of nothing. It really thought us the power of Autodesk CAD products and the infinite possibilities of CAD. The process of creating this new part has taught out team a lot. We’ve experienced the commercial process of creating a part, the true design process. Even if we were new to CAD, the experience has taught us the tools necessary to CAD in the future using Inventor. Our final product might not be as sophisticated or intricate as others, but what we have created has really led us to a greater understanding of CAD and the process of design.


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A versatile mounting board for VEX Cortex created in Autodesk Inventor by team 35A.