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Trash can lift


Entry ID #: 2137
Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 3:28 PM

As a team in the FIRST robotics competition we must build a specialized robot every year. The Autodesk Inventor software is an invaluable asset to do so, without it we would not be able to effectively compete. Mainly we use the software to design something that is then manufactured in the shop, however for parts that need to be very precise, or would otherwise be difficult to produce this way, we have begun to 3D print. Winning this would greatly increase our capacity to do so, and increase our ability to create complex parts in the 2016 build season. In the 2015 season for instance we created a multitude of 3D printed parts, they were split into two groups which worked together to lift a recycling bin. One part in particular guided the lifter up a vertical lead screw. As a result of 3D printing this part as opposed to alternate manufaturing is that it was more precise than it otherwise could be.


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