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Inline planetary gearbox


Entry ID #: 2188
Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 10:12 PM

Inline planetary gear box This Gearbox is something I have developed to give the engineers of VEX a new way to use one piece to have multiple functions. I have created this to let the user be able to utilize this as a single piece on multiple parts. There are three drive shaft spots available to be utilize and has three different ways to move the gear box. It can be rotated as a whole with the inside and outside of the whole gear box moving in one direction, it could be rotated in opposite direction, you can keep the outer part of the gearbox still with the inside rotating or the opposite with the middle staying and the outside being used. The one I have displayed is a prototype that will be getting screw and drive shaft holes in the future. I have set this up for the VEX team engineer to take charge and improve their robots to do multiple tasks with this compact piece. I have also left the outside piece of the Inline Planetary Gearbox to be smooth surface to make it possible to have this in a separate kit with belts. This Gearbox will be compatible to drive belts giving people another option to movement. I also have left the outside of this gear to be customizable with gripping giving it a multifunction capable wheel and it could gain more traction if it was to add a rubber outside surface. My goal with the  inline planetary gearbox is to add a new type of piece that can stand in with another kit or as its own kit with other pieces, I have set this up to let the VEX engineers get more functionality in small spaces. The VEX  team engineers are one of the most creative people in the world of robotics and they will use this piece to its full potential and will change functionality or the robot with this new piece. I  have experimented with multiple prototypes on the 3d printer using AutoCAD and found this to be the best design.


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