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7.2v Battery Clamp


Entry ID #: 2192
Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 10:45 PM

The Battery Clamp I have created the new solution using AutoCad in conjunction with using the 3D printer for the 7.2v battery that makes competition day easier on the driver. This Battery clamp uses a simple two piece flap to open and close on the battery making it easier on the driver and engineer to switch the battery and get ready for the next completion and it is easily attachable to any Robot. This will tightly hold the battery giving it the security during the competition. It is a convenient piece because it gives many options to place the clamp. It is also easy to use with flipping the flap open and replacing the battery then flips the flap down to tightly close on the battery. There have been many times in which the battery slips from the robot from the zip tie and is now vulnerable during the competition. A zip tie during a competition is not always secure and is not always reusable or gives ease to remove the battery. This clamp will become a secure piece to the 7.2v battery, it could be mounted in many spots, and this makes changing a battery for a new one fast enough to compete in back to back competitions every time.


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   Pablofive on 01/12/2016

Doesn't Vex already make one of these?