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Ratchet and Pawl Shaft (or axel) Add-on System


Entry ID #: 2197
Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 10:51 PM

Knights Robotics’ robot design for the VEX Nothing But Net Challenge consists of a single flywheel, a popular design among competitors this year, that rotates at a high speed to propel balls toward the high goal. A problem that emerges with this flywheel design is that pressure is abruptly applied to the gears and motors when the motors are turned off. When the motors stop moving, the angular momentum at which the wheel keeps spinning generates a huge amount of friction on the gears, causing a constant strain which may even rip the internal gears off the motors. This abrupt exertion of force on the gears happens every time the motor is turned off, so the gears will wear out quickly. To solve this problem, a ratchet system was designed. This ratchet will enable the motors to rotate the flywheel forward, while also allowing the flywheel to keep spinning even when the motors have been turned off and have come to a complete halt. Because the flywheel will not be forced to a stop, any pressure that may hinder the shooter system will be prevented.

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