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Horizontal/C-channel 393 motor mount


Entry ID #: 2205
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 12:43 AM

          My inspiration for this part is the frustration my teammates and I have had with the current motor mounting configuration. Our frustration is a result of a hard time removing motors once they are built into a robot, this because the motors mounting screws are on the same side as the axle port. In a many of our designs the motors have been very to tighten or even impossible, which needless to say is frustrating. I realize that this design has many benefits, which is why my part is just an option for motors allowing for more compact and accessible motors, as well as ease of access to the gearbox. This helps with prototyping. Now instead of taking your complicated mechanism apart to switch the motor to high-speed, one can simply detach it from the side. This design is optimized to fit inside any C-channel and screw into the edges and allow the axle to come though the face. In use with a 1x2x1 C-channel the mount reduces flex in the motor because it is mounted through both sides. If one desires to mount it on the edge of a 1x3x1 or 1x5x1 channel, there are sunken hexagonal holes for any vex nut.  On the axle shaft there is a slot optimized for a shaft collar, so that 1 collar will lock the axle in place.             This part is an optional replacement for the black bottom cover of the Vex 393 motor.  To either be sold with the 393 motor or sold separately. Overview Replaces black motor cover 90° offset mounting Optimized for C-channels Allows for easy replacement of motors and motor gears Optimized for 1 shaft collar to lock the axle I used Autodesk Inventor Professional to make this part. I made this mount using many different tools, mainly extrude, fillet, and direct. Because this part is fairly simple, no assembly was necessary. I learned how to use construction lines. This expedited my sketching and extruding process. I also learned a few new 3D printing techniques that will come in handy in the future             I will continue to use Inventor for various projects including a set of Bluetooth speakers I am currently working on. Additionally I have been working on a project for my Government teacher to model and print a new part for his adopted son’s prosthetic arm. His current arm no longer fits around his shoulder, so the new part will be custom fit to his needs. I am planning studying engineering in collage, so I will continue to use a variety of CAD software.             Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

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