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VEX High Strength Shaft Add On Kit


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Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 7:33 AM

VEX High Strength Shaft Add On Kit   We believe our team has designed and manufactured something extremely useful that sets us apart from anyone in the VEX community for this first “Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge.” We have designed a range of components that can be used for the VEX High Strength Shaft to improve its performance and functionality on a VEX competition robot. VEX High Strength Shaft Adapter (More CAD representations of the High Strength Shaft Adapter below)  We have realised from our current robot there is a problem with connecting high strength shafts to sensors such as the Quadrature Shaft Encoder and Potentiometer and more importantly the VEX 393 and 269 motors. To resolve this issue we have designed the VEX High Strength Shaft Adapter. The product allows the High Strength Shaft to go in one end and the ordinary VEX Shaft in the other end so that the High Strength shaft can be connected to both VEX motors available and Quadrature Encoders as well as potentiometers. VEX High Strength Locking Bar (More CAD representations of the High Strength Locking Bar below)    On our robot this season we have a scissor lift which allows us to elevate our alliances robot. We have used High Strength shafts on this design due to the normal shafts bending and twisting on a regular basis. However an issue we came across with using the High Strength Shafts is there is no way for us to ensure that the shaft is secure and doesn’t move which we could do with the VEX Drive Shafts using VEX Drive Shaft Bar Locks. We have come up with a simple, but extremely useful component in the VEX High Strength Shaft Add-on Kit called the VEX High Strength Locking Bar. This component will allow teams to lock their High Strength Shafts in place without any movement! There is currently no other part in the VEX store which allows teams to do this without sawing a High Strength 36 tooth gear which our team had to do this season!   VEX High Strength Pillow Bearing (More CAD representations of the High Strength Pillow Bearing below)  The last product in the VEX High Strength Shaft Add On Kit is the High Strength Pillow Bearing. VEX currently sell High Strength Bearing for High Strength Shafts in their store however we found these quite hard to use on our robot this season. The High Strength shafts are to big to fit through any squares on the VEX metal. We have come up with the VEX High Strength Pillow Bearing to solve this issue. Like the pillow bearing sold for the normal VEX shaft, this bearing has the same function but just for the bigger shaft! This idea will mean teams won't have to drill larger holes in their metal ruining it's appearance ! • We have demonstrated excellent use of Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016 with designing these components. • We have also gone a few steps further to promote the product by developing VEX packaging to suit to reflect a true representation of how the product will be sold from VEX as a High Strength Add On Kit and by individual parts! • We believe we have used the software too fully to conceptualize and model the parts for use with any Robot. • We have demonstrated the product ranges use on a robot and shown how the part can improve any robots functionality to help overcome a particular and current existing problem in real life and through CAD. • Our presentation clearly shows how the new parts fits in and works with existing VEX products. • We have gone the extra step and 3D printed our custom parts and showed them being used on our current ‘Nothing But Net’ robot! Autodesk: After 4 years straight of using Autodesk Inventor 2012-2016 I have developed a professional understanding on Autodesk and how it works and how I can utilise it to my advantage. During my GCSE engineering course I found the Autodesk Inventor design system extremely usefull, I was able to use a CNC lathe striaght from my CAD model and I was also able to use the 3D printer extremely easily, due to this I decided to educate my self though out Autodesk tutorials and eventually I found the autodesk design system a breeze to use and now I teach my peers how to use the Autodesk design system. Thank you for taking your time for looking at our 2016 Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge!    Volt Robotics 5194B        


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