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Motor Pin Protector


Entry ID #: 2239
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 11:11 AM

Don’t you guys hate it when those darn motor pins always break under connections. The motor pin protector solve all of your problems. This part successfully protects the pins from any damage saving you dollars and motors. The part is simply used by attaching it to the end of the pins on a motor controller.   To create our part we used Autodesk inventor to create our idea for the part. Autodesk Inventor helped us develop our idea with the ease of using physical models. We were able to create prototypes with ease, without wasting the time it would take to draw it out on paper. Additionally, we could easily plan out our model by sketching out the dimensions then turning it into a 3D model. Measurements:   Measuring was a big component in creating the part. Using measurements is a better way to create the part instead of using the trial and error method. We used a caliper to measure the lengths of the motor connectors. Since VEX is a worldwide organization, we decided to measure it in centimeters Here were the following measurements from the caliper.   Conclusion:  So after making this part,  we are going to use this on every motor so that the pins do not break like they normally do.  Autodesk Inventor was a big help as well.  It’s cool to see what you can achieve with 3D modeling.  You can use it for different purposes and it will never fail you.   It is really helpful and rewarding.  If you the majority of the robot is made from 3D printing,  it helps a lot and you don’t have to keep wishing that VEX can make that part you desire.   Autodesk Inventor is definitely a program that we will use in the future. Not only that we should use it, but every single engineer in the world should use ti as a resource. When in a competitive team, you can use Autodesk for taking virtual experiments with your product. It serves as a sketchbook, providing you a background of what your product will turn out like. In this case, VEX serves robot competitions (sponsored by REC Foundation) that require rigor and hard work. When building a robot for these competitions, Autodesk can help you create your own virtual robot and spot problems in building before they actually happen. This is only one of the things you can achieve with Autodesk.  


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