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Angled Brace


Entry ID #: 2302
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 4:59 PM

Videos and Images of CAD drawings of an angled brace used to sucure shafts on the flywheel devise on our robot.  The brace would have evenly spaced holes used to use screws and shafts to hold the flywheel system in place with out needing to bend or cut a part. This allows the part to be conveniently placed on any part of the robot to hold items at an angle.

Links / Videos

This is a video is showing and discussing how the Angled Brace fits on to our robot and how we would use it if the part was created for use in the competition kits.

This video shows how the brace is viewed in an exploded view and how the brace actually fits together for the finished product.