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Compound Gear


Entry ID #: 2307
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 5:12 PM

The part that the Vex team 2177D Brain Bots has created is a High Speed/Torque Preset Compound Gear. The purpose of this was to have an easy gear to insert into a line of gears so that you don’t have to match up individual gears. This could be used in place of two gears, with others of it’s kind, when you need a wheel or other part to be fast or strong. We used Autodesk Inventor to create the part, and we used the CAD downloadable parts as a starting point. We then modified the parts and put them together. We took away from this project a better understanding of Autodesk. We also learned that Autodesk can be fun, and we learned some ways the it can help us in robotics. One example is you can build a model robot to test it without using up parts. If we grow up to be engineers, we can use this to prototype what we are working on, and even make our own parts.


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