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Motor Heat Sink


Entry ID #: 2317
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 5:50 PM

For this challenge, we have decided to design a heat sink for our motors. Heat sinks work by transferring some of the heat generated by a device into a coolant in motion, such as air or water. For our design, this would include replacing the green plastic backing of our motors with metal (likely aluminum or copper) and adding vertical fins to the back. Because of the high thermal conductivity of aluminum and copper, some of the heat generated by the motor’s operation would be transferred to the metal backing. The vertical fins connected to this backing allow for a large amount of surface area to be exposed to the air, thus maximizing the efficiency of the heat sink to disperse the transferred heat.


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   frogs2345 on 01/21/2016

The Heat sink is on the wrong side. The actual part you want to cool off is on the same side the axle goes into. The heatsink would have to be on the side of the motor perpendicular to the axle.