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The T-Peg


Entry ID #: 2366
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 7:59 PM

For our CAD piece I wanted something simple but useful. When thinking of ideas it came to me, the T-Peg. The T-Peg is simply a normal VEX peg that can connect to three pieces at a time. I made this piece because our VEX team always runs into the problem of connecting three pieces together for our robot. I used Fusion 360 to first create the model and saved it as an STL. Then I 3D printed it to make the T-Peg. From doing this I learned that your measurements have to be spot on if you want the 3D printed object to come out correctly. Now knowing how to use Fusion 360 it would help me in any engineering job in the future by being able to make a 3D model.


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