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Team 7700B Ring Gear


Entry ID #: 2437
Created: Tue, Jan 12, 2016 10:15 PM

Our team designed a ring gear for vex robotics. Vex is currently lacking a ring gear for planetary gearboxes, so we made just that. Our design is based off of the inversion of a vex 84-Tooth gear. We designed our part in Autodesk Inventor over the course of our design. It can fit a 12-Tooth gear as the sun gear and 36-Tooth gears as the planets. It also can fit a 60-Tooth gear as the sun gear and 12-Tooth gears as the planets. It features 12 screw holes for easy mounting that are sunken below the ring of the gear for inline screwing. During this challenge we learned about the intricacies of planetary gearboxes and how they work. Autodesk Inventor is an extreemly importaint asset to our team, we do a full CAD of our robot before building it to find design flaws before we waste the time building it. In the future this will help us too as it applies to everything we will build. Autodesk is a truely amazing tool that allows you to create anything you can think of.


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Our ring gear entry video