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One-way intake


Entry ID #: 2560
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 3:07 AM

My teacher wanted to create a "V-spring" that would be mounted on a fork lift, but the idea died out after awhile. Instead, I created a passive intake for teams that want to allocate their other motors for other functions and to provide a convenient intake system. The part's main component is a wind-up mechanism. The primary purpose for the mechanism is to allow game objects to enter, but it cannot exit the robot. My team's first robot had an issue of maintaining posession of our game objects. We solved the problem with a gate, but it could easily be solved with the one-way intake part and it saves a motor. Besides its normal functions, teams can make use of the wind-up mechanism for other purposes. For example, part can be used as a hook to grab onto Skyrise cubes. The part used Autodesk Inventor to create the shell that holds the wind-up mechanism and an arm extension connected to the shaft. This competition allowed me to finally work with a 3D modeling program. I expressed interest before, but never had the time to learn. I also learned about the intricate design that goes into making wind-up mechanisms. It never occured to me that the integral piece was the mainspring. Although I learned so much, there is still more things I need to experiment on Inventor. I plan on continuing to 3D model and it will serve useful when I go to college. For now, I will practice by creating presents on Inventor and 3D print them for my family. I plan to major in mechanical engineering and Inventor will help as a communication and brainstorming tool. I am a poor drawer and I find it difficult to convey my ideas on paper. Inventor gives me an option to share my ideas without differing interpretations. Brainstorming is also made easier as I can generally see where all the parts go into a prototype. I'm also bound to create different mechnisms for class so 3D modeling would be important for these projects.

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