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Versa Planetary Adapter


Entry ID #: 2570
Created: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 4:12 AM

Versa Planetary gear boxes sold by VEXPro are used by nearly every FRC team for all different kinds of tasks. Their modular design allows for easy changes in gear reduction while keeping in the same standard form factor. I chose to build upon the foundation of Versa gearbox and improve its functionality. I have designed a new stage for the Versa Planetary gearbox that allows for the output shaft to be at an angle relative to the motor. This allows for the gearboxes to be used in many more situations. Because the output shaft must no longer be colinear with the rest of the gearbox the gearbox can be used in situations that require a special orientation or where space may be a concern. Because of the modular design of the gearboxes and my custom addition this assembly could be used in any situation a Versa Planetary would already be used on a robot while also adding countless more possible applications. Not all of the parts included in the finally assembly where made in inventor. I used CAD models of off the shelf components, such as bearings, to simplify the process and ensure this entire mechanism could be theoretically manufactured.  I did however use Inventor to model the two aluminum halves, the miter gears and the other small components that enable the design to function as intended. Given my previous experience using CAD software the process was not too difficult, the new interface and shortcuts took some time to get used to but otherwise the process ran smoothly. From working on the project I have learned about the capabilites of Inventor, a program I had not previously worked with, and was able to become familiar with the basic methods for creating parts and assemblies in it.  Unforunately I don't see myself using Fusion or Inventor in the future because I already have extensive practice and experience with other CAD software suites. As a students hoping to pursue an education and subsequent career in engineer I anticipate that 3D design software will quickly become an integral part of any engineering related career.   

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