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EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – your VEX Robotics Competition, VEX U, or VEX IQ Challenge team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is. You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.)



Viking Colt Robotics


This is the second year that team 8931A has participated in the RECF club website online challenge. In 2015 this website won 3rd place in the club website online challenge. The Viking Colt Robotics club has been established since 2012, and the website has been online since 2014.

Link: Viking Colt Robotics Website

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Robodragons GSMST Website


GSMST Robotics club was established in 2007 and competes in VEX, FTC, and FRC robotics competitions. We now have over 150 members, 6 VEX teams, 4 FTC teams, and 1 FRC team within the club. We are located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA. Our mascot for the club is the Robodragon! 

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The Infinities Website


We are The Infinities, a five person VEX team. Our goal is to document our ideas so other teams can see our process and maybe learn a few ideas. We record meeting summaries each week on our blog and post pictures of the evolution of our robot. This is our first year competing in the website challenge as we built the website this summer. Check out are website. Thanks :)

Our website:

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The website was established to showcase our team and our mission goal. Team 174 is devoted to creating a program where students can devolope and exhibit their STEM skills. Our website helps to bring attention to robotics and essentially become a communication median between the community and our team. Those interested in not only VEX Robotics, but STEM, can access the webiste for a useful tool. Additionally, we promote, and recognize our sponsors. Included is our other communication tools, such as Twitter. Team 174 has designed the website for...


Techna PWN Robotics website


Our webite is dedicated to relating the particulars of our organization throughout the years of its existance. We include descriptions of our robots from each year as well as a brief relation of what we did each year. 

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The Warriors


It will have pics and time of competions. There will modles and graphs and links to help.

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West Oak Warriors


It will explain copetitions date. With photos and game rules.

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4154C USSR Robotics Team Website


This is the USSR Team Website. For full details of what our team is all about, please click the link below.

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4154A Website For USSR 4154


Vex Robotics website for our school team: 4154C.




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CyberHawks Robotics

Cassidy E

The CyberHawks Robotics website is created completely from scratch by team G's programmer (Cassidy Elwell) using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our website is able to keep others informed about our teams through our Pitcasa photo gallery, Google calendar, and more. Please make any comments below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Cornerstone Robotics North Website Challenge Entry

´╗┐Cornerstone Robotics North exists to involve homeschooled students, grades elementary through 12th grade, in STEM education and competitive robotics. CRN was established in 2012 and is a sister branch of Cornerstone Robotics. The program has weekly meetings for their robotics teams. This season, 2015-2016, CRN has 3 teams, 323M Shadow (IQ), 323S Skyhawk (IQ), 323Z Aftershock (VRC). 

Cornerstone Robotics North has the most well-known social media in the world of competitive VEX robotics. They boast the #1 team YouTube channel (740+ subscribers) and a top 10 Facebook...


Team 3309


Created by students, our website serves as a place for others to learn about our team and get involved with us.  Media of the team is also updated quite frequently to show the world just what The Friarbots do.  Our website also contains a system for training our new members.  Members make a profile and are awarded achievements for completing training courses.  This allows us to easily keep track of who is certified to do something, while giving us an easy way to get members involved with the team.  

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SPC Bots Website

This is the first year that we have entered in this compertition. We feel that this website portrays our robotics club well. We created this website from scratch using Google sites. 

SPC Bots started in 2009 when our teacher in charge, Mr Stephan van Haren organised 25+ students to attend a "Boot camp," as a result of this program, St Peters College was awarded their first robot kit. Over the Years students have fundraised and we now have a well established collection of parts that teams use to construct their robots that compete in the Kiwibots Vex Robotics...

Fábrica de Nerdes- Vex Robotics and advances in...


Our innovations club recently assembled in Brazil is hard work to intensify the implementation of projects in communities and educational projects.

We have a team of mentors who actively participate in technological activities even as the VEX World Championship makes us increasingly grow with their challenges implemented each season. For this to pass spread throughout Brazil initialize a club which enables many students to know these technologies the possibilities for the stimulation of STEM activities.

Fábrica de Nerdes - Students in learning processes -... <a href=

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Team 2435 Website

The Solders of technology website was designed to help people understand what exactly we do in vex robotics, to show case the teams activates and keep others up to date on what the teams are doing.  Our website promotes not only Vex but STEM its self. Also it is an outreach to the community about the teams and our summer camps.

link :

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Skunk Works Robotics


Skunk Works Robotics is a component of Raisbeck Aviation High School, located in Seattle, Washington. We are registered as Team 1983. Our name, Skunk Works, is inspired by Lockheed Martin's top secret Skunk Works program, where the company designed many famous aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbird. We have long since passed our rookie year, and strive to evolve, grow, and improve with each year.

Please visit the Skunks at our website.

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Cornerstone Robotics Club Website


Cornerstone Robotics is a Christian home school robotics program entering its seventh year of competition. We are now a group of well respected veteran teams and going strong. We have grown from a single team with ten students to ten teams with more than forty students throughout the Greenwood/Indianapolis area.  We are working on achieving new levels of excellence by building robotics teams in the area.  This program can be life changing for students by exposing them to science and technology in a fun and exciting way.  Students have fun together as they learn...

Steel Eagles Robotics Website Challenge Entry


About Us

The Zionsville Robotics Club, also known as the Steel Eagles, is located in Zionsville, Indiana and is compsed of students from both the middle and high school.

About the Website

This website provides information about the club, the VEX robotics competition, and resources for CAD and programming. The website was created with wordpress using the Sydney theme, which was heavily modified to better suit the use of the website. It uses Google Drive to manage the team pages, allowing for easy updates to be...


Gear Gals Potomac Vex IQ

The Gear Gals are a three person, all girls, Vex IQ team. We have been competing as a team for two years, and last we won two STEM awards. We also placed third at states, and won first place in robot skills at a competition this October. We aim to promote young girls and teens to going into STEM careers and robotics. 

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Gear Gals Potomac Vex IQ

The Gear Gals are a three person, all girls, Vex IQ team. We have been competing as a team for two years, and last we won two STEM awards. We also placed third at states, and won first place in robot skills at a competition this October. We aim to promote young girls and teens to going into STEM careers and robotics. 

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Team 35, Terminal Velocity's Website


This is our team website, it features many areas of information ranging from our current robot, to the current Vex Robotics game. No buiders, or hired developers were used in the creation of this website. It was created 100% via CSS, Java Script and HTML, all done by a team member with no exterior assistance. The site also features a password protected team member area to make it easier for teammates to update their schedules with the latest info. 

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918e Team website

Website link:

Made with;html5(no html elements) and css3

Navbar, css, and format made by Maxwell Hosafros

Plan made by Diego Santiago

Main html (e.g, the paragraphs and headers) and email system made by Chris Fletcher

Hosted with Plesk parallels on a subdomain of Max's website

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