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Fábrica de Nerdes- Vex Robotics and advances in STEM Projects


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Created: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 12:47 PM

Our innovations club recently assembled in Brazil is hard work to intensify the implementation of projects in communities and educational projects. We have a team of mentors who actively participate in technological activities even as the VEX World Championship makes us increasingly grow with their challenges implemented each season. For this to pass spread throughout Brazil initialize a club which enables many students to know these technologies the possibilities for the stimulation of STEM activities. Students in learning processes - Accessibility Project   Students in the learning process in differential context   The work has the purpose to develop a communication protocol based on algorithm model that may enable control of a mobile radio controlled. With the help of an external element (seer) the autonomous movement in open-loop model is possible.   Follow more about this project on our website:      


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Robots compete in the challenge of the season 2015-2016 VEX Robotics IQ, a long teamwork, working together in pursuit of better results and straightening. The robot's skills are the main factors for the success of the match. Develop and put their creativity in search of the best performance!

The Nerdes Factory is a innovative project and technology and accessibility. Its main objective is to promote access to innovation and technology in a broad and unrestricted manner. The ability to integrate people through knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge will be the hallmark of this project. "The shared knowledge will lead to all the construction of integrity, committed citizens to the betterment of all."


   lucaslira2015 on 01/15/2016

Um Clube de Inovações repleto de projetos que podem ajudar diversas pessoas em suas atividades, principalmente os projetos com enfase em acessibilidade. Poucos grupos hoje se preocupam com essas necessidades. A robótica junto a Vex Robotics surge como uma nova oportunidade para se trabalhar no desenvolvimento de projetos que possam integrar ás características de programas STEM onde os alunos podem adquirir novas experiencias em suas disciplinas e atividades práticas. O projeto pode atender ás dificuldades que passa a região com as novas metodologias de ensino na educação educação. Innovations a club full of projects that can help many people in their activities, particularly the projects with emphasis on accessibility. Few groups today care about those needs. Robotics Vex Robotics with the surge as a new opportunity to work on developing projects that can integrate ace STEM program features where students can acquire new experiences in their disciplines and practical activities. The project can meet ace difficulties passing the area with new teaching methodologies in education education.