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Created: Mon, Jan 11, 2016 7:39 PM

The website first opens us on the home page that portrays the most recent news of our team, and pictures of previous competitions entered.   The next tab is about us, our members; business team, design and build team, and the programming team.  The tab also includes information on our mentors and advisors, and our school Pearl City High School.   The next tab is about our vex program, it shows all the different games that we participated in.  Under the different games are the numerous competitions, explaining where it was, whcih team entered and what we accomplished.  Another program that we participate in, is FRC (First Robotics Competition), that also explains what First is and similar to the vex tab the FRC tab explains our journey.   In media, shows pictures of each competition, sharing our experience with you.  One of the most siginificant tabs that we also have is our sponsors; this tab has a picture of the majority of the team and our sponsors that support us in what we do.   If there are any concerns, or questions we also have a handy contact informational tab, giving you our team email, and phone number so that you can contact us anytime, or right there on the spot. This website portrays the kind of team, and program Charger Robotics is, and how much we have improved from the past to the present.  We are team and family 4142, we learn from the past, succeed in the present and build our future!


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Our team website is to keep our friends, family, and community updated with our progress as a team. It shows all of our competitions that we entered in and our accomplishments, also portraying pictures to share our experience with you. There is also information on community outreach, and members of the team that make our successful program. But most importantly the website includes our sponsors that support us in what we do, also our advisors and mentors that make everything possible for us to be 4142 Charger Robotics.