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EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – your VEX Robotics Competition, VEX U, or VEX IQ Challenge team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is. You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.)



GCEC Robotics Team Website


Glenfield College Robotics Team Website

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Team 254: The Cheesy Poofs


Team 254 is a high-school robotics team from the San Francisco Bay Area. We give students opportunities to experience real-world engineering through competitive robotics and work to spread appreciation of STEM in our community. We recently redesigned our website to be more visually appealling and modern. Also we added a new Chezy Champs site to highlight an FRC tournament we host at our school. This is our submission for the EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge.

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1138 Eagle Engineering


Eagle Engineering Team 1138 has been an important part of Chaminade culture for over a decade. We try to foster a spirit of family and inclusivity in everything that we do. Our website details various information about our team if you want to learn more. 

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Iteration Happens Website


We are a Boy Scout team from Kentucky. This is our 5th year competing in VEX Robotics but out first year with a website. We will be adding new posts and pages in the upcoming weeks to show all the new things happening with our teams.

Please stop by out site and send us any feedback that might improve the site or our team.

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Virus Robotic's Website


This website has documented our successes over the past 5 years. Since Gateway we have been striving to achieve bigger and better things and with explanations of all our robots, details of our outreach programme and a look at our sponsors it is the perfect companion to our robotics journey so far.

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Team 9727-A


CBTIS 110 has a short history in vex robotics competition, starting in the toss up season, 9727-A team was the only team at the start of school participation in competitions, our robotics club have only three teams,
On the website you will find a little of our history.

We are a Mexican team!!



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Tenacious Technicians


The Cass Tech Tenacious Technicians provide detroit students with real world science and technology experience via FIRST robotics team 2673 and VEX 5867.


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4659 Warrior Robotix Website


At Warrior Robotix, we believe in doing everything by ourselves, that is why we built the website from ground up using Ruby On Rails, HTML, SASS, and Javascript. We applied modern web design principles to let the user get the best experience possible. With minimal clutter, and simple navigation, users can find their way around the website effortlessly. We incorporated Google's material design framework to ensure that the website is compatible with all different platforms, from phones to tablets to laptops and desktops. The website has been developed to be fully dynamic, so that...


536A Earth


About Xavier Robotics:

This is the first year team 536A has entered the REC Foundation online challenge. 536A is part of Xavier robotics from Appleton, Wisconsin. Xavier has participated in Vex Robotics for over five years and has grown to host six robots. Our club has been quite successful in the past few years at both the state and world competition levels. We even earned Divisional Excellence at Sack Attack Worlds in 2013. 

536A is made up of seven members, both sophmores and freshmen. In our 2015-2016 season, we have been a regular alliance...

8086A Semiconductor's Website


Link to website:

Our website was created using WordPress. It was made to publicize our team and serve as a fun and useful resource for our team, other VEX robotics teams, and the general public. There are six main tabs on our webiste: About, Robots, Publicity, Multimedia, Fun & Games, and Resources. On the top right, there are social icons which will take you to our various social network pages like Facebook and Instagram. 

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Robotics at Handley Middle School


This website was created entirely by one of our sixth grade robotics students. His goal was to introduce each member of our five teams. 

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Brain Bots Team Website


This is the official website of 2177D the Brain Bots

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Team 9807b Website


We are Team 9807b, the Robot Blasters. We are currently the only active team from the 9807 CooneyTech Robotics Program. Read more about our VEX, and FRC programs on this website, linked below!

Link to website:

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Highlands Intermediate Team 394


This is team 394's website explaining our program and our mission.  Our mission is to inspire students to make connections, develop competence, gain confidence, develop character, and make a contribution to society.  It shares information about both VEX VRC  and Botball.  

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Prodigy 8926B


This is the website we use in order to promote our team, Prodigy. It has information about our team, our comprtitions, our robot, our sponsors and our gallery. We will keep updating it after each competition.

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Pearl City High School Robotics 4142


The website first opens us on the home page that portrays the most recent news of our team, and pictures of previous competitions entered.  

The next tab is about us, our members; business team, design and build team, and the programming team.  The tab also includes information on our mentors and advisors, and our school Pearl City High School.  

The next tab is about our vex program, it shows all the different games that we participated in.  Under the different games are the numerous competitions, explaining where it was, whcih team entered and what...

Vexmen Team Website


This website is for the Vexmen Robotics club from Downingtown Pennsylvania. With over 180 students on 34 High school VRC, Middle School VRC, and VEX IQ teams, the Vexmen are an extremely large club. Our name is a pun referencing Marvel’s superhero team, the X-men. Each robot is named after a different X-men character giving the club a cohesive brand image. We have a long legacy in VEX and that legacy is visible in our hall of fame tab. Since 2010, the Vexmen have not walked away from a Vex Robotics World Championship empty handed.

The club website is vital to our...

PUPR Vex Robotics Team Website


Our brand new website! Check it out!


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IronWave 26 Website


This is IronWave 26's entry for the website challenge.

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This is the Website about all Rolling Robots teams,

Elementary School Vex IQ 7700J, 7700G and 7700W

Middle School VRC 7700A, 7700B, 7700C and 7700R

High School VRC 770R

The Webmaster and main designer is Saahil Parikh of team 7700R

The site has been developed in wordpress with custom html and css added, all content is created by our teams.

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The Renegade Robotics' Team Website


We are Renegade Robotics, Team 1666. We are an all-girls team based in Menlo Park, California.Our website describes our design process through blog posts and details on the construction and programming of our robot. It also has helpful checklists you can use for your own team, and shows how we've done in the competitions we've been to so far. We had so much fun making this website, and we hope you enjoy it.

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Team 363A Anonymous's Website


This the website that our club made together. We use it to show who our sponsors are, who our members are, and to show wahat we do to other people. It higlights what awards we've won, who is on the team, who has donated to the team, and how people can get into contact with us. 

It was programmed using HTML5 and CSS by our team members, and is hosted on our sponsor's web server.

We hope you like it!

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Team 8900 Parallax


This is Phillips Academy's first year competing in VEX. This website was designed and written from scratch by our team's programmer in Ruby. It is also mobile compatible. Our website shows all our various experiences in STEM/robotics and proves that competing in VEX for just a single year is huge! We are proud of our new VEX program and proud of the VEX program we have established on campus.
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Lynfield College Robotics Website


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Lynfield College Robotics started off in 2008 when VEX was first introduced in New Zealand. Since then we’ve grown massively, in numbers, experiences and achievements and we’d love to share all of that on an open platform. Click the link below to check it out! :)

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1410L Website Online Challenge


Utopic Unicorns robotics is a single-branch robotics team that consists of six high school students from the Bellevue area of Washington. 
Two of Bellevue's largest and most popular high schools, Interlake and Newport, are represented by the members of 1410L.

For more, here is the link to our website

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Forest Park Robotics VRC 4303


VRC Team 4303 is proud to represent Forest Park High School, an Information Technology specialty school located in Prince William County located outside our Nation’s Capital. Our website features our five VRC teams, coaches, community outreach, our history and the latest news.

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Team 12 Website


Potomac School Robotics Website

This website features information about and pictures of the VEX, VEX IQ, and FLL teams at Potomac. The website also acts a resource for other teams as various Potomac VEX teams film tutorials for troubleshooting robotics problems that are then posted in the outreach section of our website. It serves as a source of information about the robotics programs at our school, and also keeps our community updated about our progress. 

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Joe walker vex jets website


This is our vex team's website.

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Otumoetai robotics club website


We are from Otumoetai robotics team. Otumoetai robotics team is a component of Otumoetai college, located in New Zealand, Tauranga. There are three amazing vex robotics teams in our school which are consist of two or three members.

Our goal is to put our ideas, on the website so other teams and everyone in the world can see our process and maybe learn some ideas. We will update our latest new weekly on 'Our news' page.

Check out our website.

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